Would you like to increase your events income and make it even more successful? Whether you're an established organization or just beginning,AuctionCafe.Net Auctioneers can help! Our Auctioneers will make your event a memorable and profitable event No matter how big or how small your auction event might be.... we can help you maximize its potential!
We specialize in auctions and fundraisers for all events and organizations:
National, local, large and small.
Let us help you maximize your auction or fundraising dollars.

AuctionCafe.Net Auctioneers are full time auction professionals that will individually design execute your charity and fundraisers, auto auctions and liquidations needs. We are a progressive and innovative auctioneers educated on the newest techniques but rooted in tradition. We are a professional, respectful, courteous and hard working group of auctioneers that treats your auction with the same drive and excitement that you feel about the event your hosting.

Today, more than ever, you need a professional group of auctioneers to make sure you leave no money on the table. AuctionCafe.Net is the perfect choice!

The last thing anyone wants to do with their money is give it away. Contrary to popular opinion, silent auctions do not sell themselves The more people enjoy themselves the more money they will donate

Today, it just doesn't make any sense to work so hard creating your event then at the last hour turn it all over to someone who is unqualified.

Whether you like to admit it or not your event is a business venture and you do need the best representation you can get. AuctionCafe.net Auctioneers are the best representation you can get. The only time AuctionCafe.net will cost you money is when you don't use us.

It's always our pleasure to help your cause realize that there really is a difference, the AuctionCafe.Net difference!
An exciting, well informed, professional auctioneer using a handheld, wireless microphone, moving throughout the tables and chairs engaging your quests and bringing then into the auction. Additionally, uniformed auctioneers working as bid spotters keeping every table engaged and enthused about giving really does make for an exciting event.

This trained team is why more people participate at AuctionCafe.Net then one that is being conducted by hobbyist or "celebrity" non-auctioneer, one who remains front and center at a podium, one who reads from a catalog or relies on a color man, someone else who reads from the catalog.

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